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jobcapt.com is India's most innovative and fastest growing Online Company. Launched in 2017, jobcapt.com has crossed the 3 lac candidate landmark and has more than 1 lakh Latest job Vacancies on site. Today, jobcapt.com is changing the landscape of hiring, by integrating personal and social networks of candidates for enhancing the recruitment process – making it the world’s first Jobcapt site to do so. jobcapt.com now enables a recruiter to reach out to the personal network of employees and their connections, thus, giving them access to a vast network of good quality candidates.

It also offers better relevance of job search results through its database of candidates delivered through its unique 2-way matching technology, which helps candidates to get the jobs they deserve and help recruiters to hire faster.

Jobcapt has a large reach through its Employeement Services. Jobcapt thus continues to offer significantly enhanced features and a better end-user experience for both candidates and recruiters. Jobcapt is a part of webstar infoway. webstar infoway is one of India's largest and most respected names in the It industry, with its footprint across Website developing, digital Marketing and Android Market.

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Our vision is to bring credible and genuine assessment to various aspects of education, training and employment. Aspiring Minds strives to help institutions and companies from choosing the 'right' individual rather than the 'best' individual.


Aspiring Minds envisions a scalable, equitable, merit driven labor market providing credibility and access to talent and opportunity.Our mission is to establish one scientific and credible approach to measuring talent and matching it to opportunity.

Team Work

In-house team of experts with over 10 years of experience

Friendly Resume Format

Attractive and Recruiter friendly resume format

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Telephonic discussion with the Resume Writer to understand your goals and achievements

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Iterations over email as needed, to deliver a resume right for your needs

Satisfaction Rate

Over 95% satisfaction rate,a customer surveys are necessary to measure and track customer satisfaction.

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Highlight your accomplishments with a customised Cover Letter* to suit your profile